Student School Checklist

Below, you will find valuable information and checklists from the U.S. Department of Education website on how to save and pay for college, as well as how to help ensure your success from middle school all the way to high school graduation and beyond.

checkMiddle School

Middle school is where you will begin to develop the good study habits and strong work ethic that will take you to the next level
and beyond.

check9th Grade

This can be a stressful time where you’re trying to figure out how to survive in the new environment of high school. Even though
college may not be on your radar, remember to work hard, do your best, and make good decisions. And if you do find a few
moments to think about college, click above for tips of what you should be doing to prepare.

check10th Grade

Your freshman year is over. YES! If there is such a thing as a “Sophomore Slump,” the link above will help you avoid it.

check11th Grade

Senior year is so close that you can hardly wait. But, this is the year for college entrance exams, so live for today. Tomorrow will be
here soon enough.

check12th Grade

Graduation is the end of one chapter of your life and the exciting beginning of another. This is the time to finish strong!

lightbulbAdditional Resources

There are endless resources available that you can turn to when trying to find your best fit for college and how to make it affordable and accessible.