BlueCat Readiness

On Sunday, February 26th, UNI staff will move the Start of Authority for and the Anycast Address ( from the legacy IP Address system to the new BlueCat IP Address system. The DHCP options on switches across campus will be configured to point DHCP requests to the new BlueCat IP Address system. The legacy recursive DNS servers will be configured to send requests to the BlueCat DNS systems. UNI recommends that all server, service, and application administrators perform the following tasks after 12pm CST on Sunday, February 26thRead More


New Site for Phishing

LSU ITS has a new website to report or learn more about the latest phishing attempts impacting LSU campus.Read More


"Dear LSU User" Phish

These Phishing messages were received between January 8th and January 10th, 2017. The subject of the e-mail varies. Some of the variations are - "DEAR LSU USER", "LSU HELP-DESK". The content of the e-mail contains language as below:Read More