LSU Supported Resources


Below is a list of technology resources supported at LSU. Links to additional support and information is provided, and assistance is available by contacting the FTC at 578-3375, (option 1) or emailing



GROK is LSU's online, searchable knowledge base. It provides 24-hour on-demand support for computer-related topics, including hardware, software, and more. Screenshots and step-by-step instructions are provided on topics such as connecting to wireless on campus, uploading grades, email, and much more. Additional information can be found at


TigerWare is a service for distributing free or discounted software to current LSU students, faculty, and staff. An array of software compatible with Windows, Macs, and Linux computers can be found at:

Lynda Campus 

Lynda Campus is a 24x7 online training library provided to LSU. It is user friendly with video-formatted content and extensive search capabilities. Lynda Campus offers more than 1,600 courses coving topics such as 3D graphics, audio, photography, graphic design, Web and interactive design, business, and information technology all delivered by top instructors in their fields. 

All current LSU students, faculty, and staff can access Lynda Campus. Find more information by visiting and signing in using LSU PAWS credentials. 


Moodle is a course management system that enables instructors to provide information for students enrolled in their classes, create quality online courses, facilitate collaboration among students, and create assignments and activities in an online environment. 

Please contact the FTC for assistance with Moodle or visit Moodle on GROK

Turning Point (Clickers) 

TurningPoint is a student response system that utilizes either hand-held clickers or smart devices (laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc.). Instructors who wish to use TurningPoint in their courses should refer to TurningPoint on GROK or request access to the TurningPoint Moodle page by emailing

Qualtrics Insight Platform 

Qualtrics is an online survey tool which enables users to do many kinds of online data collection and analysis, including research, customer satisfaction and loyalty, product and concept testing, employee evaluations and website feedback. For more information, visit Qualtrics on GROK or sign in to with your LSU PAWS credentials. Individual or departmental support can be arranged by emailing

Turnitin Feedback Studio 

Turnitin Feedback Studio is a feedback and plagiarism detection tool used to improve student writing and engage students in the feedback process. Instructors can create a Turnitin assignment within Moodle and the software will check student submissions against web pages, student papers, and leading library databases and publications. Follow these step-by-step instructions on creating a Turnitin Assignment or submitting a Turnitin assignment


iThenticate is the leading provider of professional plagiarism detection and prevention technology used worldwide by scholarly publishers and research institutions to ensure the originality of written work before publication. iThenticate helps editors, authors and researchers prevent misconduct by comparing manuscripts against its database of over 45 billion web pages and 130 million content items, including 38 million works from 530 scholarly publisher participants of CrossCheck, a service offered by CrossRef and powered by iThenticate software. To learn more, visit iThenticate on GROK.

If you are a graduate faculty member and would like access to iThenticate, please email the Faculty Technology Center (FTC) at

If you are a graduate student and would like access to iThenticate, please ask your graduate advisor to request permission for you by sending an email (including your full name and LSU email address) to


VoiceThread is a cloud-based presentation tool that turns media into online discussions. It can be integrated into an instructor’s Moodle course and used for presenting content, group discussions, assessment, or collaboration. For more information, visit VoiceThread on GROK or contact the FTC for assistance by emailing

Video and Lecture Capture Tools 

For assistance with Video Services or to schedule a lecture capture session in a classroom, please email


Current LSU students, faculty, and staff have an account with WebEx, which is a web conferencing program. WebEx can be used to conduct an audio/video conference, share your screen, poll audience members, etc. Students can meet with up to 8 people – perfect for small groups! Instructors can use it to hold virtual office hours, schedule synchronous meetings in an online classroom, or record a lecture. To find out more about WebEx and to access the portal, visit WebEx on GROK


Panopto is a video platform which includes software for recording and live streaming videos, a portal for storing and managing your videos, a search engine for finding content within your videos, and interactive video players. Panopto is a great resource for recording lectures and creating supplemental video tutorials for increased learning in and outside of the classroom to improve student learning and is available to current LSU faculty and staff. These videos can be added to your Moodle course for easy access. 


Kaltura is a tool available to LSU faculty, staff, and students for video publishing, management, and distribution (via Moodle). Instructors can create videos, stream videos directly inside Moodle, or assign a video assignment for students to submit their own Kaltura project. 

Digital Imaging and Video Services (DIVS) 

For assistance with Video Services, please email

For assistance with Digital Imaging Services, please contact Kevin Duffy at

ITS Digital Imaging and Video Services (DIVS) provides digital photographic and videography services to LSU faculty, staff, and students interested in using digital media for academic pursuits. DIVS has a fully equipped studio located in Himes 141 and offers consultations on photography, video, and media subject matter related to academic technology. 

Digital imaging services include studio/location photography and documentation, hardcopy and film scanning, and archival digital printing. Digital video services include assistance with web conferencing, lecture capture, video creation and editing.