Server Backups

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is software used to backup your workstation files. TSM operates in the AIX, Windows NT, 2000, and XP software, MacIntosh, Linux86, and Linux/390 operating systems. 

The clients below were downloaded from IBM's TSM home page.  These clients were downloaded on the dates specified in each section below.  These may not be the latest version of the clients available.  If you want a more current version of the client for your platform please see IBM's TSM Client Download Page.

When downloading clients from this page, please view the "Readme Files" carefully for the clients that you are going to install.  Install instructions within the "Readme Files" may contain information unique to your platform and OS version.  If you have problems getting your browser to download the files, try right clicking on the link and specify that you want to save the file.  In Mozilla this is "save link as". 

For information on the policy for using TSM, go to "What is the policy for using Tivoli Storage Manager?"  Many of the TSM configuration options Common Settings used.

Available Clients

AIX (32 bit)
AIX (64 bit)  
Linux x86
Linux 390