Service Status

Provides information about planned maintenance, degradations, outages and other information about technology systems and services.

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Service Status
Box Operational Operational
Email     Operational Operational    
Kaltura Green Square Operational
LSU Wired Network Green Square Operational
LSU Wireless Gold Square Operational  Green Square Operational 


Green Square Operational
Microsoft OneDrive for Business     Operational Operational    
Microsoft Teams     Operational Operational    


Green Square Operational
myLSU Green Square Operational
Panopto Operational Operational
Single Sign On Green Square Operational
Upstream Network Provider Green Square Operational
Voice Green Square Operational
Workday Operational Operational
Zoom Operational Operational


Type of Status Color
 Operational   Green Square Green Square
 Degraded   Gold Square Gold Square
 Unavailable   Red Square Red Square
 Maintenance    Blue Square Blue Square