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About Our Service

Field Consulting provides University departments, administrative units, colleges, and research facilities with expertise in supporting, implementing, administering, configuring, and replacing hardware and ITS supported software. Field Consultants are contracted on a yearly basis.

Field Consulting service provides computer and server administration, security assessment, and hardware configuration management and support. They also help develop disaster recovery protocols and solutions, and provide technology planning and equipment replacement cycle, including implementation and retirement timelines.

Some reasons to hire Field Consulting are that we are reliable, funciton through teamwork, are trained, create value, are cost effective

Staff Cost Savings:

We realize that some departments on campus may have a need for an IT staff, yet not necessarily a full-time IT staff. Budgeting for a full-time service when you only have a part-time need is an expensive decision for a department to make.

Additional Training Budget Savings:

Not all departments have the budget to keep their IT staff trained and up-to-date on new technologies. We require our Field Consultants to train 4 hours per week.

Range of Skill sets:

Our technicians range from student workers to expert professionals with years of experience, so we can ensure that the IT services you need will be performed in a reasonable time, by a capable technician. To go a step further, we have the resources of all the IT experts employed by LSU-ITS at our disposal. As such, we are able to provide you with IT support when needed, and always have somebody available. 

No concern of lacking IT staff:

When you hire a full-time IT professional you take a chance that you will have an IT emergency while they are out sick, or on vacation. With Field Consulting, if your Primary Field Consultant is unavailable, we send a replacement.

You're current IT support could be all you need, but what would you do if they were unavailable due to an emergency, or not robust enough to meet a last minute deadline?  Once you are contracted with Field Consulting we can step in and assist as needed.


You can obtain our service for a minimum of 50 hours per year, at a minimum of 1 hour per service call.

Each client will be assigned a Primary Field Consultant (PFC), but will be supported by the skill set of the entire ITS-Field Consulting team.

Our service adheres to the normal LSU calendar, so the number of hours you purchase will provide service over 50 weeks.

Representatives of ITS-Field Consulting will assess your needs, and help you determine the hours you will need to provide adequate IT support for your department over the course of a year.

But what if we over-estimate our need?

Great question! You will like this...

We realize how difficult it may be to guess how many hours of IT support you will need for 50 weeks. After we help you reach a decision of how many hours you will need to support all of your IT needs for an entire year, and it turns out that you needed less, then, for the first year,*  those unused hours will roll-over to the second year! This means two things:

1. You now have a very good estimate of how many IT support hours you use per year.

2. You get to spend less in future years, and even less on year two because of your rolled-over hours!

*hours are only rolled over from the first year. This is to help you determine how many hours you need without overspending.

Field Consulting offers a minimum of 50 hours per year, which averages 1 hour per week. If you feel this is more than needed, ITS offers a similar service called PC Support for an hourly rate of $75/hr.

Depending on the scope of work,  the hourly rate may not apply. Click here for more information.

The fee is to be paid in full, upfront. Normally, your department will make the purchase at the beginning of each fiscal year, but if you become a client after the year has started you will make a full payment before the contracted period begins, with your contract ending at the end of the fiscal year.


Once you have decided on the number of hours you need, you will be charged an hourly rate multiplied by the number of annual hours purchased. Hours are contracted in groups of 25, with 50 minimum per year.

We use a sliding scale, so the more hours you purchase the cheaper the per hour charge will be, and cheaper than contracting with local businesses offering similar service.

Beginning early 2019 you can obtain dedicated IT support for your department for as little as $46/hr.

If you need part-time IT support, why pay for a full-time professional, when you can fulfill your need for less?

Keep in mind that the hours purchased restart on July 1 of each year, so when deciding how many you need, it applies to the remainder of the current fiscal year.

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Please complete the client survey and we will contact you to schedule an appointment where we can further discuss your needs.

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