Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling

IT Governance Consideration Scheduling

As the PMO Office helps guide you through developing your Business Case for presentation to the IT Governance Council, we’ll also be helping to schedule your project for review. On average, we expect the “Phase 0” of your project to take between 2 to 4 months*. The PMO Project Manager will schedule your project according to the time it takes to develop your business case. However the Project Manager will strive to have your project on the docket for review for the month in which your Phase 0 will end.

*Timeline is subject to change depending on needs and scope of the project as well as the Project Stakeholders’ availability.

Project Commencement Scheduling

Once your project is approved by the IT Governance Council, the PMO Office will schedule the start of your project in accordance with desired timelines, priority of project determined by the IT Governance Council, as well as resource availability. As soon as a Start Date has been determined, your Project Manager will work with the Project Stakeholders to prep the project for commencement.


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