Project Scheduling

Process Timeline 

Once the PMO receives a project, Phase 0 begins. During this time, we help you to prepare your Business Use Case and simultaneously schedule your project for review. Once the IT Governance Council approves priorities, resources, and timelines, Phase 1 begins and we guide you through the project itself.

It is important to note that not all projects will necessitate all of the following services.


Phase 0 Project Discovery and Approval
Project Discovery and Business Use Case Development The PMO meets with stakeholders and consults as they develop a Business Use Case for their project. We usher the stakeholders through this process providing know-how, technical guidance, and project facilitation.
IT Governance Project Review and Approval The PMO facilitates the project being put before the ITGC and assists with next steps if the project is approved.


Phase 1 Project Development
Initiation The PMO and project stakeholders develop appropriate documentation to execute the project.
Planning The PMO works with relevant partners, stakeholders, and business analysts to discover and develop the project requirements. The PMO develops a project plan at this time.


Phase 2 Project Implementation
Execution The PMO facilitates the project’s execution and implementation, ensuring all requirements, timelines, and deliverables are met.
Monitoring/Controlling The PMO monitors and controls any change, risks, and issues introduced throughout the lifecycle of the entire project.
Transition to Operations Support The PMO provides guidance as the project transitions into an operations effort.



Phase 3 Operations and Support
Project Close Out Analysis Once the Project goals and success criteria are met, the PMO analyses the entire project to springboard learning and process improvement for the next implementation
Ongoing Training The PMO, in conjunction with operations, facilitates ongoing learning and training on the new project.


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