Beat the 3:00 Slump

When 3:00 PM hits, many professionals start to suffer from the 3:00 Slump. This is a real physical energy drain. Whether you’re feeling sleepy and groggy due to blood sugar dropping after lunch, your body starting to wind down in preparation for the evening, or the morning power-hours are burning off, it’s often hard to concentrate and get work done without endless yawning.

Beat the 3:00 Slump with a few techniques to wake yourself up.

  • Take a Quick Walk – Refocus your mind and get your blood pumping with a quick walk around the office.
  • Pinch and Tug on your Earlobes – Stimulate your brain by activating the nerves in your ears.
  • Healthy Snacks – Bring your blood sugar back up with some healthy snacking.
  • Schedule Check Ins – Use this hour to check in on your colleagues and any work they might be doing for you. This will give you an opportunity to walk around and wake up your mind with conversation.

After a quick refresher, you should be ready to tackle the remainder of the day with zest!

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