Be a Meeting Champ

Everyone has been there. You’re in a meeting. You lose interest and your mind starts to wander. What seems like a minute later, as you’re daydreaming about the upcoming football game this Saturday, suddenly you hear your name, “Rick?” You snap back to the present and look at the meeting presenter. “Rick, what are your thoughts on the matter?” he says. You’ve got nothing. You have no idea what the group was discussing only moments before.

Don’t fall victim to meeting inattentiveness again. Stay alert and make the most of meetings with these few tips.

  • Bring a notebook – Jot down notes on what everyone is talking about. Not only will you remain engaged in the conversation, you’ll have a record of the meeting conversation for later use.
  • Speak up – Contribute to the meeting and the discussion. This will keep your mind sharp and your head in the game.
  • Snack up before hand – If your meeting falls during a time of the day when you tend to get hungry, be sure to snack beforehand. You don’t want a grumbling stomach to derail your attention.
  • Bring some water – If you need a slight distraction from the meeting, bring a bottle of water. Taking a sip here and there can break up long bouts of sitting all while not distracting your mind from the topic at hand. Plus, if the meeting is more than 1.5 hours, a quick bio break for the team can help reset the attention for the whole group.


Just remember, come prepared for long meetings because you don’t want to end up like Rick!

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