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What does PMO do?

The ITS Portfolio Management Office (PMO) was formed to introduce standard project management practices into the IT system modernization efforts at LSU. The PMO is dedicated to organizing the specific skills, efforts, and resources that these projects may need. The team facilitates communication across ITS departments and project teams, applying a custom process for management that includes monitoring project timelines, expectations, and deliverables, contributing to the successful execution of each project.

IT project and purchase requests are received, evaluated, and guided through the IT Governance approval process by PMO staff.  Approved projects are prioritized based on strategic value toward the goals of the institution as well as with the availability of the resources needed to implement the solution.

Additional information regarding IT project and purchase requests can be found within the form for starting an IT project at the link below:


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PMO Top 20 Projects

Priority Project Name Description Start Date End Date Status
1 LSU Online - Undergraduate Programs To support enrollment growth for online undergraduate degrees, LSU Online needs a Student Information System (SIS) for those programs to usher students from admission to graduation. 8/22/2018 10/31/2019 In-Flight
2 EAB - Education Advisory Board The objective of the project is to construct a data feed of student success information that is delivered to EAB for analysis.   TBD On Hold -- pending completion of LSU Online, by decision of Executive Vice Presidents
3 CRM: Customer Relationship Management (Slate) The Customer Relationship Management (Baton Rouge) project manages the implementation of a solution for the recruitment, application and admissions processes for potential Undergraduate and Graduate students. The project encompasses vendor assessment, vendor selection, legacy data archival, migration and integration. 9/21/2017 12/31/2019 In-Flight
4 Single Calendar Solution The Customer Relationship Management (Baton Rouge) project manages the implementation of a solution for the recruitment, application and admissions processes for potential Undergraduate and Graduate students. The project encompasses vendor assessment, vendor selection, legacy data archival, migration and integration. 4/12/2018 12/31/2018 Closed
5  LSU Online - Term Realignment  In support of the LSU Online-Undergrad project, this will adjust the current systmes to align the online undergraduate and online graduate terms.  8/22/2018 TBD  
6  Electronic Research Administration (eRa)  This project represents an implementation of an eRA system to manage pre-award processes for administration of research proposals, awards, grants and contracts; post-award processes for administrative reporting; and compliance protocol management.   9/18/2017 5/31/2020 In-Flight
7  Foundational Technical Architecture - Azure   The Foundational Technical Architecture project will configure and launch New Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) via Microsoft Azure. This new IaaS offering will be available to the LSU Flagship Community.  4/24/2018 3/31/2019 Closed
8  LSU PD - Storage Upgrade and LPR  The LSU PD - Storage Upgrade and LPR project will upgrade the existing on-premesis SAN. This includes hosting the application and enabling data storage for the License Plate Reader application. 8/15/2018 1/1/2019 In-Flight
8b LSU PD - LPR Migration LSU ITS is committed to aiding the LSU Police Departmentstand up the application and database servers for the License Plate Reader Cameras and Application (BOSS) they currently utilize.  10/1/2018 5/31/2019 In-Flight
9  M365 Security Features  The M365 Security Features project will launch updated security features available via the new Microsoft M365 A5 Licenses.  9/15/2018 TBD In-Flight
10  Cloud Collaboration Storage - Box/Teams  The Cloud Collaboration Storage - Box/Teams project will configure and implement MS Teams and Box throughout the LSU Flagship Community.  4/24/2018 3/31/2019 Closed
11  Cashiering/Payment Processing System  The Cashiering/Payment Processing Systen project manages the implementation of a modernized cashiering system with the goal of streamlining processes for electronic payments and checks.   8/14/2018 2/28/2019 Phase 1 complete
12  Title IX Case Management  The Title IX Case Management project manages the expansion of an existing case management solution, NAVEX, currently used by Internal Audit for investigations.  The expansion will include management of cases related to harrassment, discrimination and misconduct for the LSU (enterprise) Title IX Office, LSU A&M Human Resources and LSU (enterprise) Internal Audit.  9/26/2018 3/31/2019 In-Flight
13  NCAA  The LSU A&M Athletics Department currently uses a custom application for NCAA-compliant registration, tracking and reporting of Student Athletes. The NCAA project manages the identification, selection procurement (if needed) and implementation of a software solution to replace the legacy system as part of the overall Student Modernization Program.  1/16/2018 5/31/2020 In-Flight
14  Lab School Dependencies  This project will identify a software solution to transition tuition and fee billing from the LSU Bursar’s office to the University Laboratory School. The preferred solution will integrate with PowerSchool, the Laboratory School Student Information System (SIS), and will utilize CASHnet (or an alternative payment processor). 4/26/2018 7/31/2019 In-Flight
15  Blackboard Open LMS - Moodle Rooms Pilot  A pilot to determine if LSU needs can be met within the standard Moodle environment without custom development. 1/26/2018 1/31/2019 In-Flight
16  ITSM: IT Service Management Tool (ticketing system)  ITS is working to replace its variety of self-developed and commercial information technology services and processes management applications with a multi-suite solution to meet University needs for a developing Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework ITSM system.  10/16/2017 2/1/2019 In-Flight
17  Data Virtualization   A project that allows presentation of data from disparate sources as if originating from one comprehensive data source. A tool to create virtual data marts.  8/1/2018 3/8/2019 Closed
18  CLM: Contract Lifecycle Management     Implementation of a contract lifecycle management product to streamline and automate the contract negotiation, amendment, execution and renewal processes.  3/8/2018 TBD Closed
19  Mainframe Data Transition  The objective of the Mainframe Data Transition Project is to allow the data migrated from the mainframe to be Identified (Data Type), Classified (Save, Do Not Save), and Accessed as needed for any reporting, auditing, business or other university-approved need.   5/1/2018 6/30/2020 In-Flight
20  Mainframe - Decommision  The steps necessary to shut down the mainframe which includes identification of applications to be terminated, communications, and decomissioning of the applications and mainframe.  


6/30/2021 In-Flight


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 ITS PMO Process.

How do we ensure Project Success?

The PMO Office prides itself on our custom process developed specifically for the needs of the LSU Community in accordance with the LSU Strategic goals and Operational Excellence. It's this process – based on the PMI Body of Knowledge in conjunction with ITIL processes and terminology – that provides the vehicle for our success.

PHASE 0: Project Discovery/Approval.

    • Project Discovery and Business Use Case Development.
The PMO meets with the project stakeholders and consults as they develop a Business Use Case for their project. We usher the stakeholders through this process providing know-how, technical guidance, and project facilitation.
    • IT Governance Project Review and Approval.
The PMO facilitates the project being put before IT Governance panel and assists with next steps if project approved.
    • Next Steps.
With the stakeholders, the PMO moves the project into the next phase of procurement and follows up on progress.

PHASE 1: Project Development.

    • Initiation.
The PMO, along with stakeholders, develops appropriate documentation to effectively execute the project.
    • Planning.
The PMO works with needed partners, stakeholders, and business analysts to discover and develop the needed project requirements and develops a Project Plan.

PHASE 2: Project Implementation.

    • Execution.
The PMO facilitates the project execution and implementation ensuring all requirements, timelines, and deliverables are met.
    • Monitoring / Controlling.
The PMO monitors and controls any change, risks, and issues introduced throughout the lifecycle of the entire project.
    • Transition to Operations Support.
The PMO provides guidance as the project transitions into an operations effort.

PHASE 3: Operations and Support.

    • Project Close Out Analysis.
Once the project goals and success criteria are met, the PMO analyzes the project as a whole to springboard learning and process improvement for the next implementation.
    • Ongoing Training.
The PMO, in conjunction with operations, facilities ongoing learning and training on the new project.

* Not all projects will necessitate all services

Result: Project Success!

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