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What is Project Management? Simply put, projects are a temporary effort to accomplish a given want or need and are made up of a beginning stage, an effort stage, and an ending stage. Each stage is generally unique, requiring sometimes specific skills and resources that don’t ordinarily team together. Organizing these efforts and resources is project management.

By facilitating communication across the ITS Portfolio as well as among project teams, applying a common and custom process for project management, and monitoring project timelines, expectations, and deliverables, the PMO Office is able to manage successful projects from start to finish.

Better management yields better results which means Project Success!

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 Launch Portfolio

Student Modernization

In an effort to provide a standard platform for student engagement and involvement across Recruiting and Admissions, Student Records, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid, ITS is moving from our legacy mainframe and aging applications to a comprehensive one-stop solution.

Visit the project website at www.lsu.edu/geauxforward for more information and updates.

Identity & Access Management

Faced with aging directory and access management systems, LSU is moving forward with providing a new Identity and Access Management Solution. Moving to a commercially supported and cloud-hosted solution, this project will migrate and streamline LSU's Identity and Access Management enterprise-wide.


Save the Mainframe Data

Again, with the current mainframe solution no longer a viable solution for data storage for ITS applications and product integrations, ITS will be migrating and storing LSU Community data in a large-scale enterprise solution.




ITS PMO Process.

How do we ensure Project Success?

The PMO Office prides itself on our custom process developed specifically for the needs of the LSU Community in accordance with the LSU Strategic goals and Operational Excellence. It's this process – based on the PMI Body of Knowledge in conjunction with ITIL processes and terminology – that provides the vehicle for our success.

PHASE 0: Project Discovery/Approval.

    • Project Discovery and Business Use Case Development.
The PMO meets with the project stakeholders and consults as they develop a Business Use Case for their project. We usher the stakeholders through this process providing know-how, technical guidance, and project facilitation.
    • IT Governance Project Review and Approval.
The PMO facilitates the project being put before IT Governance panel and assists with next steps if project approved.
    • Next Steps.
With the stakeholders, the PMO moves the project into the next phase of procurement and follows up on progress.

PHASE 1: Project Development.

    • Initiation.
The PMO, along with stakeholders, develops appropriate documentation to effectively execute the project.
    • Planning.
The PMO works with needed partners, stakeholders, and business analysts to discover and develop the needed project requirements and develops a Project Plan.

PHASE 2: Project Implementation.

    • Execution.
The PMO facilitates the project execution and implementation ensuring all requirements, timelines, and deliverables are met.
    • Monitoring / Controlling.
The PMO monitors and controls any change, risks, and issues introduced throughout the lifecycle of the entire project.
    • Transition to Operations Support.
The PMO provides guidance as the project transitions into an operations effort.

PHASE 3: Operations and Support.

    • Project Close Out Analysis.
Once the project goals and success criteria are met, the PMO analyzes the project as a whole to springboard learning and process improvement for the next implementation.
    • Ongoing Training.
The PMO, in conjunction with operations, facilities ongoing learning and training on the new project.

* Not all projects will necessitate all services

Result: Project Success!

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