Phishing @ LSU

Phishing - /'fiSHiNG/ - Phishing is an attempt by malicious actors pretending to be a legitimate enterprise for the purpose of stealing private information, such as Username and Passwords, Social Security Numbers (SSN), Date of Birth, and Banking information. 

LSU IT Security and Policy Team reviews phishing messages received by LSU Community in order to implement preventive security measures for our Campus network. 


  • LSU will NEVER request anyone to validate or share myLSU/PAWS/e-mail account and password through e-mail.

  • LSU will NEVER request anyone to verify their myLSU/ PAWS/e-mail account and password.

  • LSU will NEVER request any personally identifiable information, such as SSN, Date-of-Birth, etc. via e-mail. 

Phishing Messages Archive