"Financial Responsibility Agreement" Phish


LSU Personnel started receiving phishing e-mails on July 3rd, 2020, related to an agreement review.

Subject of the Phishing e-mail - Financial Responsibility Agreement

Sender Name - External to LSU

Sender e-mail address - External to LSU

Screenshot of phishing e-mail
Screenshot of the phishing email

Content of phishing e-mail

According to our records, you or a LSU administrator on your behalf processed at least one registration transaction within the last week. As a result of this transaction you are receiving an email reminder of the terms and conditions of the Louisiana State University Financial Responsibility Agreement that you previously accepted or was accepted on your behalf.

Click here to review the agreement: <Phishing Link>

This email does not require any response or action. However, you can reply to: <Phishing Link> if you have questions about the Financial Responsibility Agreement.

Thank you,
Office of the Bursar

Screenshot of the phishing site

The URL does not belong to LSU and the site is not affiliated with LSU either; however, it appears to be a replica for LSU's login page.

Screenshot of the phishing site

NOTE: ALWAYS verify the URL provided in any e-mail and PLEASE NOTE that LSU will not ask you for your account information in such a fashion.