LSU Personnel started receiving a phishing e-mail on February 15th, 2017 related to a email mailbox. 

Subject of the Phishing e-mail - WARNING

Sender Name - Internal LSU User

Sender e-mail address - Internal LSU Address*

*Internal accounts can be compromised and used by malicious actors to send phishing e-mails, in order to appear more authentic.

Content of the phishing email

The content of the message states the following (Links and other descriptors have been removed for security purposes):

Dear User,
Your mail box is cramped with unsolicited mails and will be suspended if you don't prove it is not used for fraudulent acts. Click Here To Verify Automatically.

Mail System Administrator

Information regarding phishing site

The URL provided in the e-mail does not belong to LSU and directs the user to a third-party site. 

NOTE: ALWAYS verify the URL provided in the e-mail and please note that LSU will not ask you to verify your accounts in such a fashion.