2012 Torchbearer Award Recipients

2012 Torchbearer Awards for Leadership in IT Advancement

Thomas E. Rodgers is recognized for working effectively among all levels of administrative leadership on campus and leveraging his array of interests, knowledge, and leadership skills into positive actionable steps and direction for students at LSU. Over the last few years, and through his leadership role in Student Government, Thomas has demonstrated his interest in the integrated role that technology plays in student success.  He has added his voice within the Student Technology Fee Oversight and Moodle Development Advisory Committees, and has demonstrated knowledgeable and well-documented opinions.  He has a vision for how technology can enhance the student academic experience on campus.  Thomas has been a champion of ITS, advocating on our behalf to the Reveille, administration, and his fellow students. He advocated strongly on the merits of the myLSU portal, selling it to Student Government and providing valuable feedback throughout its development and release.

E. William Wischusen, professor of biological sciences, receives this award as his efforts and involvement have definitely had a positive impact on our campus. Bill's enthusiasm and curiosity make him an inspiring role model for life-long learners of all ages. Bill is a faculty member who has strongly supported technology initiatives which impact teaching and learning on our campus. Dedicated to fostering student engagement in his classes, his desire to provide students with opportunities to more fully participate in their educational experience has led him to explore new technologies for learning and teaching. In 2005, Wischusen chaired the faculty committee that selected a student response system for use on campus. He continues to be a leader in the use of this technology to involve students and to promote active learning in the classroom.  In 2008, he served on the committee which selected Moodle as our campus-wide course management system. He not only maintains his own course sites, but he also provides resource sites to assist his fellow faculty members and TAs in setting up their sites. An active beta-tester for Moodle 2, Bill currently serves as a member of the Moodle Development Advisory Committee (MDAC).

Stephen Barr, LSU Auxiliary Services director of retail development and technology, has been a wonderful partner to ITS over the years. Flexible and open to new ideas, Stephen played a key role in advocating on our behalf for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. A keen proponent of IT security, he worked with ITS personnel to ensure a smooth transition to the new standards we have in place to protect our data that we transmit to vendors to secure payments,  something which benefits the entire campus community.  In addition, Stephen can always be counted on to include ITS early on in any project he has in the works. His thoughtfulness in including us in the planning stages has resulted in increased efficiencies and the knowledge that his project will work well within our infrastructure. Stephen is a diligent promoter of technology advancement with the best interest of campus at heart.