The State of Louisiana requires LSU to purchase all equipment from pre-negotiated state contracts. All vendors must also be enrolled in the LSU Vendor and Commodity Database. The enrollment process and information on all vendor requirements can be found here.

Small purchases of up to $1000.00 can be made on a VISA procurement card. This dollar threshold is strictly enforced.

Purchases over $1000.00 require a Purchase Order and must be bid out. Fax bids by the department are acceptable on purchases from $1000.00 to $5000.00. The actual purchase order will be cut by LSU's Office of Purchasing.

Purchases over $5000.00 must be bid out by LSU's Office of Purchasing.

There are some exceptions to these rules and there are some restrictions and/or special approvals needed for certain purchases.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Office of Purchasing located at 213 Thomas Boyd Hall, 225-578-2176.