Alumni Spotlight: Tutu Abimbola


In Lagos, Nigeria, Tutu Abimbola dreamed of a professional career in the United States. When her campus tour at LSU was a complete success, she finally saw that dream becoming a reality. The LSU campus felt like home; a fresh start towards the rest of her life. A transition into a new country was her only worry. Fortunately, the variety of cultures and different ethnic backgrounds at LSU made the transition to the United States even easier than she expected.


Tutu Abimbola, Escalation Engineer at Microsoft.

Every experience at LSU has positively contributed to her life. She was a hard worker from the start which made her successful in her classes. Her classes encouraged her to think outside the box and allowed her mind to grow. She was also heavily involved on campus. She was the president of many organizations, participated in LSU’s student government and loved planning events on campus; which allowed her to meet many friends and experience the melting pot of cultures here at LSU. Her dedication and leadership in LSU organizations lead her to win the Huey D. Perkins Leadership Award.

After dedicated years of schooling, Tutu graduated from LSU in 2016 with a BA in International Studies. She finally was another step closer to reaching her ultimate goal, a job in the United States. Following her schooling, Tutu completed three internships at KPMG, Goldman Sachs and IBM. The internships along with her amazing education at LSU finally paid off. She accepted a position at Microsoft as an Escalation Engineer.

As an Escalation Engineer, she works on helping Microsoft’s global customers and partners to onboard, adopt, deploy and migrate to Microsoft Cloud Services. Her SME area is the Enterprise and Mobility Suite. As an international student at LSU and an avid reader of The International Tiger, she wanted to share her story. Even though many challenges arise, being an international student does not hold you back from finding a job in the United States. Tutu didn’t let being an international student define her. She wants it to be known that you can achieve that dream job by working hard, constantly networking, internships and preparing from day one, especially as an International Student. Tutu’s advice for prospective and current international students at LSU is that, “If you want to stay in the US and get a job, you have to work harder and leverage everything.” If you have a dream or expectation of your life, you must keep moving and working towards that goal. Tutu Abimbola is a perfect example of how perseverance and dedication to yourself can get you exactly what you wanted!