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The International Tiger

The International Tiger is the e-newsletter of International Programs and was created to bring LSU’s latest internationalization stories to the LSU community, LSU international alumni, parents, prospective international students, sponsors, research collaborators, and other interested readers. 

Its coverage ranges from LSU’s articulated commitment to cultural adeptness and global engagement, college perspectives on internationalization, co-curriculum and other learning experiences abroad, faculty collaboration on international research, Fulbright and visiting scholar engagement on the LSU campus, academic performance and leadership of outstanding international students, community engagement and Louisiana’s attractiveness as a global State.

The stories published in The International Tiger are a statement of the level of internationalization and global engagement that are representative of a truly global university. We invite all to read and share the stories with other friends and families of LSU. Of course, it is also our expectation that LSU’s international alumni and friends will send us stories that further brighten the educational and life-transforming value that LSU provides.

International Programs wants all of our prospective, current, & former students, faculty, and staff to know that you are welcome on our campus, in our offices, and in our community!