Arrival Services

The ICC provides Arrival Services for new international students coming to LSU. Usually, the Arrival Service is scheduled around the beginning of each semester.

ICC VanPlease Note: Even if you arrive after the class start date, we can still make arrangements to pick you up at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport or Baton Rouge Greyhound bus station.

If you choose to use the ICC’s arrival services, ICC staff and volunteers will pick you up in the ICC van, which is clearly marked with the LSU logo and “International Cultural Center” written on the van doors. The ICC volunteers – most are also international students – will have a sign or lanyard (neckband for keys and identification) that has “ICC” written on it. Please remember to notify the ICC if your flight or bus is delayed or if you missed a flight or bus!

If you did not contact the ICC in advance of your arrival, you can take a taxi from the airport or bus station, which is safe but expensive. Tell the taxi driver to take you to the International Cultural Center at LSU at 3365 Dalrymple Drive. Remember to allow for a 15% tip above the actual cost of the taxi.

There are many friendly people in Baton Rouge, but you need to be extremely careful of accepting offers for a ride or a place to stay from anyone without LSU identification or another reputable authority.

The application for Arrival Service is sent to all international students along with other admission materials. If you do not have the application but wish to use the service, please refer to the arrival services link at the top right of this page.

If you mail your application, please make sure there is enough time for your letter to get here!!!


Arrival Services

Apply for transportation prior to arrival. 




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