About the ICC

The center is an active focal point for meetings, social functions and temporary accommodation for matriculated and newly arrived international students. Its aim is multidimensional and includes providing services and support to international students and organizations, programs that inform international and domestic students, as well as the community, of the uniqueness of the cultural heritage within the university community, along with traditional and non-traditional educational opportunities for international students. These services and programs will help to foster interaction between international and domestic students and the Baton Rouge Community. In 1980, the International Cultural Center was first considered as an institution that would play a central role in providing services and support for international students to operate and in which to participate. It was to be a university entity, directed by a board consisting of international students, faculty and other individuals to advise the university in its operation. In that year a resolution was passed to obtain a $10-per-semester fee from all international students for a building, the Dalrymple Drive facility was purchased in 1989. The fee assessment is ongoing to fund the operation of the Center.

The ICC governing documents are its Constitution and Bylaws. Every international student, upon enrollment for resident instruction or in the English Language Orientation Program at Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College (LSU), becomes a member of the International Cultural Center for the period of enrollment.