Initiating an International Agreement or Renewal Request

Invitation to Initiate a New International Partnership

LSU International Programs encourages LSU faculty to initiate viable and relevant international exchanges and research opportunities. International partnerships should be initiated and driven by faculty members and academic departments at LSU in collaboration with the international partner to ensure the most productive and mutually beneficial outcomes.

International partners are invited to identify specific departments/research centers of interest and initiate discussions about potential areas of collaboration. After a connection is initiated, LSU International Programs (IP) will assist formalizing an agreement between both parties.

Requests and proposals

Requests and proposals for new agreements, partnerships, and renewals should be directed to the Coordinator of International Development and Outreach (

Request for New Agreement Form

Important Agreement Considerations

Although a particular department will request an agreement, the final agreement must be established between LSU and the international institution and signed by LSU’s Executive Vice President & Provost and the equivalent official (authorized signatory) at the other university.

Steps for Establishing International Agreements

LSU International Programs (IP) adheres to university, state, and federal policies in the development and management of international partnerships and agreements. LSU International Programs will liaise with various stakeholders and departments in order to ensure adherence to current policies, including, but not limited to: the Office of the Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel, the Office of Risk Management, the Office of Research & Economic Development, the Office of Sponsored Programs, Information Technology Services, and the Office of Academic Affairs.

  • A request/proposal for initiating a new agreement or renewing an existing agreement should be submitted to IP (Coordinator of International Development and Outreach
  • Upon preliminary approval of the agreement request, IP will commence negotiation with the prospective partner institution and draft an agreement.
  • Once the agreement has been fully satisfied by both sides, IP will forward final agreement to the prospective partner institution for signatures.
  • Upon the return of the signed agreement from the partner institution, IP will forward signed agreements to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) for final approval.
  • IP will provide copies of the signed agreement to all involved parties.

Types of Agreements

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