Your Responsibilities
Students sitting on a bench with the view of a mountain

  • All scholarship applicants must apply and will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are only open to domestic students.

  •  All students will sign contracts that clearly define their tasks and expectations for all LSU Study Abroad Ambassador program-related activities. Conversation Exchange Partners will receive a list with suggested topics but will have the freedom to choose their own topics.

  •  All LSU Study Abroad Ambassadors and their international partners will sign participant agreements that include specific codes of conduct for all activities.

  • Orientations are mandatory for all Roommate, Conversation Exchange Partner, and Learning Partner participants.

  •  All LSU Study Abroad Ambassadors and their international partners will be required to fill out a self-assessment form.

Country Passport Stamps

  • LSU Study Abroad Ambassadors will be required to give a short video or photo presentation to document a meaningful highlight of their experience. They will do so during an event that takes place at the end of a semester. The presentations will be evaluated. Participation of the international partner is not required, but strongly encouraged. Scholarship money can only be released after successful presentations.

  •  Students must meet the GPA requirements for their study abroad program at the time of disbursement.

  • Scholarship funds must be applied to a single study abroad program of the student’s choosing available during the next 12 months following the date the scholarship is awarded.

  • Should the student withdraw from the study abroad program, then the student must return to the LSU Study Abroad Scholarship program any monies that were disbursed to the student. Exceptions to this policy will be granted for a student who documents the withdrawal due to 1) military service, 2) death in the family, or 3) health-related issues.