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 Program Goal: To Promote Faculty International Engagement at LSU

LSU, through International Programs, offers LSU Faculty Internationalization Grants to assist faculty and students for developing programs that promote Comprehensive Internationalization engagement at LSU. These opportunities support innovative international research programs abroad, international travel, language study, and internationally focused workshops, conferences, performances, and literary symposia/colloquia.  Grants will be awarded to faculty who may involve assistance of undergraduate and graduate students and international partner institutions. It is strongly encouraged to propose activities that lead to international student recruitment, study abroad participation, international collaboration, and the development of innovative International Strategic Partnerships in any field of international education.

Suggested Areas of Funding
LSU Greek Amphitheater

International Research/Performance Excellence Award (awards granted to Faculty who have developed international research/performance programs of excellence). The award funds will be used to cover expenses for the proposed activity.

LSU International Conference/Symposium Grants

Funding will be available through LSU International Programs to support small conferences that involve leading experts on topics of current scholarly interest that have a substantive international content.  These grants are dedicated solely to provide for conference/symposium expenses such as facilities and equipment rental and other programmatic needs. The purpose is to support leading international figures in a selected area to participate in presentations and discussions for 1 or 2 days on campus. Preferably, at least half of the participants should be from countries other than the U.S.  Presenters will introduce original works and generate sufficient interest that lead to future collaboration.  Priority will be given to conferences held on the LSU campus. If possible, students and personnel should be released for participation.  The organizer of the event will submit a final report summarizing the main results of the activity.

The conference/symposium may not be a large public event but student, faculty, and public participation should be facilitated.  It is expected that conference planning should promote public lectures and networking and receptions in academic departments, and other activities that facilitate interaction among conference participants, students and faculty. Participation by LSU Global students will be encouraged.

A budget for the conference must be proposed.  International Programs may assist with budget preparation and budget justification; the proposed activity may be co-sponsored. Cost categories can include travel costs, local costs such as living expenses, and publication costs plus other conference related expenses.  Honoraria for presenters will not be funded.  Individual faculty, centers, academic and non/academic units may submit proposals and the proposal must include a budget.  Preference may be given to proposals that seek funding from co-sponsors.

 ResearchLSU Young International Scholar Research/Arts & Performance Program Award

The program is designed to promote the development of international research programs by faculty at the rank of Assistant Professor.  The program expects to:


  • Support research programs that are critical to tenure-track faculty members at the rank of Assistant Professor and that enhance scholarship.
  • Provide seed-funding for research in new and/or interdisciplinary fields and transdisciplinary research.
  • Provide seed funding for the development of International Strategic Partnerships that support research and integrate students in problem solving research.
  • Provide support for feasibility studies that enhance the potential for attracting external international research funding.
  • Provide support for frontier international research in fields for which external funding is either very limited or unavailable.
  • Assessment trips to develop new study abroad programs in non-traditional destinations and/or targeted to under-represented students.
  • Support programs that integrate students into International Service Learning.
  • Support visits of artists who have made wide ranging contributions to their disciplines.

LSU International Scholar Research/Performance Program Award

This program has the same provisions as the Young International Scholar Research Program Award but intended for faculty at the rank of Associate Professor and Higher.

Topics of Interest

For all award categories, the topic must deal with issues of significant internationalization importance.  Preference will be given to new conference topics and a listing of previous topics will be made available at the LSU International Programs Website.

Materials that are published from the conference must acknowledge funding from LSU through LSU International Programs.  LSU International Programs will develop a webpage for the grant reports. Selected grant program outcomes will be published in the e-newsletter of International Programs "The International Tiger."

The criteria for the awards are:
  • Scholarly relevance of proposed topic
  • International Content
  • Quality of Presenters
  • Quality of Research/Conference Plan
  • Potential to strengthen existing or develop new strategic international partnerships
  • Potential for contributing to curriculum globalization of the unit/college
  • Potential of Proposal to integrate LSU students, faculty and others.
  • Acceptance of Award will imply willingness to serve in Awards Review Committee.
Deadline: The deadline for proposal applications will be determined annually (See application form). Recipients will be announced by a pre-determined date. 
Committee Members             Dr. Hector Zapata (Chair)
                                                     Dr. Dennis Parker (member)
                                                     Dr. Aixin Hou (member)
                                                     Dr. Fabio Del Piero (member)

 Please contact Dr. Hector Zapata, Associate Vice Provost for International Program, for further information at