International Education Week 2017



Dr. Hector Zapata, Associate Vice Provost for International Programs, giving opening remarks at Fulbright presentation.

The week of November 13th to 17th, 2017 LSU International Programs (IP) celebrated International Education Week. During the week, there were a variety of activities. The International Cultural Center here at LSU held Yoga sessions, Bollywood Banghra dance lessons, a Thanksgiving Potluck gathering, as well as, a series of intercultural discussions called FACE2FACE. Additionally, International Programs hosted an Intercultural Dialogue called “Enhancing International Research Engagement”; followed by a Fulbright Presentation about Academic Placement Services. Furthermore, the annual International Research Fair was held where visiting scholars showcased their research. During International Education Week, IP celebrates International students, education abroad, internationalization and the importance of engaging with other cultures!