Go Abroad Nicaragua


The tiger spirit at LSU is one of which you’ll never forget once you experience it. Mr. Lorenzo Arevalo experienced this throughout his life


Mr. Lorenzo Arevalo on LSU's main campus.

due to his parents being LSU alum. He loves the indescribable connection alumni have with the school. His experiences with LSU made him want to find a way to help spread further love for the university. Realizing that he had an amazing all-inclusive study abroad opportunity through his program Go Abroad Nicaragua in Granada, Nicaragua, he decided to try and collaborate with LSU International Programs to not only let people experience his beautiful country, but, to help people experience the great university he’s known since childhood.

LSU International Programs started exploring a possible affiliation with Go Abroad Nicaragua in December of 2014. The first program started in 2015 with a global business program led by Dr. Laura Wiley and an agricultural program led by JC Bunch. The programs in Go Abroad Nicaragua consist of faculty and student-led programs in various fields.

Pursuing a study abroad experience with Go Abroad Nicaragua brings multiple benefits for its participants. It provides students with safety, affordable travel and living expenses, as well as, a welcoming and cultural environment within short distance from the United States. Mr. Arevalo expressed to “Take that leap of interest and discover the world. A 3 hour flight might just change your world and mind set. Nicaragua is a wonderful country full of culture and traditions.”

The experience gained abroad allows students to become culturally integrated and carry a better sense of cultural awareness by having personal experiences with a culture different than their own. He continued saying that, “Nicaragua is also full of opportunities being the largest country of Central America, strategically positioned with North and South America, [which] offers a safe  educational experience that you will never forget. Most importantly the Nicaragua people are fantastic host[s], you will feel at home instantly.”



If you would like more information about Go Abroad Nicaragua programs at LSU, you can visit the LSU Study Abroad website HERE.
Additionally, you can view some amazing LSU student experiences through Mr. Arevalo’s YouTube Channel.





LSU students on a coffee excursion with 2nd largest producer in Nicaragua; Macer Coffee Group.