Agreements and Authority to Sign Contracts


Since only a handful of individuals are authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University, it is important not to personally sign any contracts that should be signed by a University official (e.g., research contracts, confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, licenses, etc.). It is important to note the University can elect not to honor a contract that is signed without proper authority. In such a case, the researcher could be personally liable if he or she has inappropriately signed a legal document. For the researcher's own protection, the researcher is strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate LSU office when presented with a contract related in any way to the researcher's work at LSU, this will ensure that the contract is reviewed for compliance with LSU's policies, negotiated for changes where needed, and approved and signed by the proper LSU official.

For a listing of example contracts administered through the Office of Intellectual Property, Commercialization & Development visit the Forms and Agreements section of this website.