Technology Transfer


"What is Technology Transfer?"

The process of transferring technologies resulting from research to the commercial world.


"What does the Office of Intellectual Property, Commercialization & Development do?" 

ITC helps LSU faculty, staff, and students in several ways in the area of intellectual property. For example: 

  • On receipt of a technology disclosure, ITC will evaluate the technical and economic merits of the disclosure.
  • Those disclosures that pass certain approval criteria will be assigned to LSU's patent attorneys for patent prosecution.
  • ITC acts as liaison between inventors and patent attorneys.
  • ITC authorizes and controls patenting expenses.
  • ITC publicizes and solicits commercial interest from outside business and industry in LSU technologies.
  • ITC negotiates licenses with interested entities. Licenses typically call for an upfront, nonrefundable licensing fee, a running royalty based on sales, and minimum royalties. Licenses sometimes provide for research grants or equity as well.
  • ITC distributes royalty income.
  • ITC monitors licenses.
  • ITC reviews research grant contracts and other agreements like confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, etc. to insure adequate intellectual property protection for LSU.