Inventions from Sponsored Research

(Federal, State & Private) 


"How are inventions from federally sponsored research handled?"

Title to inventions resulting from federally sponsored research belongs to LSU. When a patent on such an invention is issued to LSU, the US Government has a royalty-free license to use the invention.


"How are inventions from State-sponsored research handled?"

LSU owns such inventions outright.


"How are inventions from privately sponsored research handled?"

The details depend on the particular research contract. In general, LSU will retain title to intellectual property rights but may grant the sponsor the first opportunity to license the technology under commercially reasonable terms to be negotiated.


"How should a situation be handled when the potential private sponsor maintains that since it is paying for research, all intellectual property should belong to it?"

The dollars funded for research do not purchase the intellect of a professor with many years of expertise or the accumulated wealth of infrastructure and support provided by LSU. Please seek assistance from the Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization  when handling delicate situations of this nature, we are here to help. 


"Does LSU have a standard format for research agreements?"

Yes. The Office of Sponsored Programs has a "Research Agreement Template" modeled after the "Simplified and Standard Model Agreements for Industry - University Cooperative Research" which was a joint effort of the Government - University - Industry - Research Roundtable of the National Academy of Sciences and the Industrial Research Institute, with an intent to streamline the negotiation process and decrease the time and effort required to reach an agreement among the parties involved.  Contact OSP for more information.


"Are funds received as research grants that are part of a license considered distributable royalties?"