LSU Economic Impact on Louisiana

Fierce Empowers the Workforce

LSU’s impact on Louisiana’s economy is far-reaching: The university employs thousands of professors, researchers, administrators, and staff members at its eight campuses across the state. LSU educates the majority of Louisiana’s doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers, veterinarians, lawyers, and other professionals. And LSU research touches the lives and livelihoods of all Louisianans.



statewide jobs created directly by LSU


$8.6 Billion

total lifetime earnings enjoyed by LSU graduates




Forging a Strong Economy for the Future

LSU’s economic impact on Louisiana supports nearly $3.9 billion in Louisiana sales and $1.5 billion in new statewide earnings.


students pitching business idea

Louisiana Business Technology Center Impact

LSU offers specialized business assistance to help companies formulate and further their ideas. From concepts to well-established businesses, our highly trained staff will create a custom solution for your business needs.

  • $192,002,649 in equity, grants, and loans administered

  • 7,247 businesses and entrepreneurs received technical and management assistance  

  • 604 businesses started after receiving assistance, creating or saving at least 9,993 jobs 

Since its inception in 2010, the Student Incubator Program has assisted 250+ student businesses. 


reg tucker in BEC

Louisiana's Only Entrepreneurship Degree

LSU is home to the only Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship in the state. In addition to equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to start a business, be a productive member of an entrepreneurial business, and become an effective manager in a growing business, LSU strives to produce graduates who excel in the area of information systems and business analytics.


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