Undergraduate Majors and Minors


Anthropology (degree requirements)
Communication Disorders (degree requirements)
Communication Studies (degree requirements)
Economics (degree requirements)
English (degree requirements)
French (degree requirements)
Geography (B.A. degree requirements, B.S. degree requirements
History (degree requirements)

Interdisciplinary Studies, B.I.S. (degree requirements)
International Studies (degree requirements)
Liberal Arts (degree requirements) - Concentrations in African & African American Studies, Art History, Classical Civilization, Film and Media Arts, Religious Studies, Women's & Gender Studies
Philosophy (degree requirements)
Political Science (degree requirements)
Psychology (degree requirements)
Religious Studies - Concentration within the Philosophy major (degree requirements)
Sociology (degree requirements) - Concentration in Criminology (degree requirements
Spanish (degree requirements)



Aerospace Studies (minor requirements)
African & African American Studies (minor requirements)
Anthropology (minor requirements)

Arabic Studies (minor requirements
Art History (minor requirements)
Asian Studies (minor requirements
Chinese (minor requirements
Classical Civilization (minor requirements
Communication Studies (minor requirements)
Disaster Science & Management (minor requirements
Economics (minor requirements
English (minor requirements)
Film and Media Arts (minor requirements)
French (minor requirements) 
Geographic Information Systems (minor requirements)
Geography (minor requirements
German (minor requirements)
Greek (minor requirements)
History (minor requirements)
International Studies (minor requirements) 
Italian (minor requirements
Jewish Studies (minor requirements
Latin (minor requirements
Linguistics (minor requirements
Philosophy (minor requirements)
Political Science (minor requirements)
Professional Leadership (minor requirements)
Psychology (minor requirements)
Religious Studies (minor requirements
Sociology (minor requirements
Spanish (minor requirements
Women’s & Gender Studies (minor requirements