Samuel  Stroope 

Assistant Professor

Phone: (225) 578-0188
PhD: Baylor University, 2013
Office: 105A Stubbs Hall





My research examines how social and cultural place-based characteristics shape health and health inequalities, and considers how personal characteristics such as socioeconomic resources and religion combine with place-based characteristics to affect health outcomes. I am also interested in causes and consequences of religious involvement and have done research on the sociodemographic and place-based drivers of religious outcomes and have studied how religious ecologies and personal characteristics combine to influence health and health inequalities. Methodologically, I use statistical analysis of quantitative data in my research. I am currently working on several projects using survey data combining geographic contexts with person-level characteristics, health measures, and mortality. In addition to scholarly publications, my research has received coverage in media outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.  I teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate level including sociology of medicine, sociology of health and illness, sociology of religion, and methods of social investigation.

Curriculum Vitae

Courses Recently Taught at LSU:

  • Sociology 4441: Sociology of Religion
  • Sociology 4451: Sociology of Medicine
  • Sociology 7211: Methods of Social Investigation
  • Sociology 7491: Sociology of Health and Illness
  • Sociology 7491: Religion
  • Sociology 7691: Sociology of Mental & Physical Health