Robert O'Neil Photo

Robert  P.  O'Neil 


Phone: (225) 578-1997
PhD: Louisiana State University, 2001
Office: 13 Stubbs Hall



My dissertation investigated how male and female undergraduate students differentially evaluate male and female written vignette actors depending on whether or not those actors use sexual profanity in their speech. My MA thesis (East Carolina University, 1995) analyzed how maternal smoking, drinking or drug use during pregnancy increases the likelihood of spontaneous abortion or neonatal death of the infant. My research interests include informal communication of news, swearing, cultural meanings and sexual norms, and amateur sports. I regularly teach Social Interaction and have advised students in independent readings courses on religious synchretism and cultural diffusion in the ancient Near East, and gender and communication.

Courses recently taught at LSU
(Syllabi provided below are only for illustrative purposes and are subject to change every semester)

  • Sociology 2001: Introduction Sociology
  • Sociology 3101: Sociological Theory
  • Sociology 3601: Social Interaction