Torres Jose Torres

 Assistant Professor

  Phone: 757-581-3375
  PhD: Virginia Tech University, 2016
  Office: 10B Stubbs Hall




I joined the Sociology Department at LSU in 2016 after receiving my Ph.D. in Sociology from Virginia Tech. My research examines the areas of urban policing, community policing, policing and social control, police legitimacy, and race/ethnicity and policing. My current projects involve evaluating the policing of public housing communities through the use of banishment policies. This work has involved understanding residential perceptions of banishment in public housing and testing its effectiveness. At present, my work has appeared in Policing & Society, and Sociology Compass.

My research and teaching are all shaped by my law enforcement background. From 2009-2012, I worked for the Norfolk Police Department (NPD) in Norfolk, VA. During this time, I worked exclusively in low income communities and spent the majority of my career working for the NPD's public housing community policing unit. In 2011, I was awarded with a Letter of Commendation from the NPD, named Police Officer of the Second Quarter, and awarded with the United States Attorney’s Office Public Service Award. While this experience has help shape my research, I love bringing my experiences into the classroom to offer students insight that blends research and practice as it relates to all things policing. Understanding that I would not be here without the mentorship of my own professors, one of my greatest joys as a professor is to return that favor and mentor students in any way I can to help them see their potential and achieve their career goals.

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