Doctoral student Brad Ictech's article in SYMBOLIC INTERACTION among the top 10% downloaded papers of 2019 in the journal

Brad Ictech, a doctoral student in Sociology, recent article, Smartphones and Face‐to‐Face Interaction: Digital Cross‐Talk During Encounters in Everyday Life,  in Symbolic Interaction is among the top 10% of papers download in the journal in 2019. Check it out!

Using data collected from focus groups and nonparticipant observations, this article explores how and why cross‐talk by way of smartphone affects face‐to‐face encounters. The findings show there are three types of digital cross‐talk: exclusive, semi‐exclusive, and collaborative. Furthermore, it was found that digital cross‐talk can either facilitate or disrupt the expressive order of an encounter. Semi‐exclusive and collaborative digital cross‐talk were found to facilitate encounters. Exclusive digital cross‐talk was found to disrupt or have little influence on encounters, depending on whether or not interlocutors successfully engaged in a corrective process, an avoidance process, or aggressive face‐work.