News Archive: 2013

Spring Semester


Congratulations to Molly Reed, who defended her dissertation, “They are Men and not Beasts: Religion and Slavery in Colonial New England,” on March 27. Molly will receive a PhD in American Religious History on May 3.

Congratulations to Michael Pasquier, who has received tenure and promotion to associate professor, effective August 19, 2013.

The departmental faculty voted unanimously to recommend Delbert Burkett as Department Chair for a second three-year term (2013-16).

Paula Arai’s essay, “The Zen of Healing,” is forthcoming in an edited volume in 2013.

Delbert Burkett has completed his sixth book, The Necessity of Proto-Mark for Solving the Synoptic Problem, and submitted it for publication.

Stephen Finley was invited to give a lecture for the American Studies Program at the University of Rochester on April 17, 2013. The title of his talk is “Wheels, Wombs, and Women: The Meaning of UFOs for Louis Farrakhan and Women in the Nation of Islam.” Using various modalities of psychoanalysis and social theory, the paper explores the notion that UFOs, in particular the Mother Wheel, have ultimate significance for the Nation of Islam and that close attention to their meaning and to Louis Farrakhan's UFO abduction narrative, resulting from his reported experiences of 1985, can shed light on the sources and symbols that structure gender within the religious group.

Stu Irvine is serving the LSU Faculty Senate, the HSS College Senate, and the Benefits Advisory Committee of the LSU Faculty Senate.

Reem Meshal’s book, The Sixteenth Century Origins of an Islamic Secular Crisis: Islamic Law, Custom and the Early-Modern Ottoman State, based on her dissertation, was accepted for publication by the American University in Cairo Press in the fall of 2013.

Michael Pasquier has received a 2013 Summer Stipend from the National Endowment for the Humanities for his ongoing work on the history of religion and landscape in the Mississippi River Delta.

Michael Pasquier published the article “Religion and the American Landscape” in the journal Religion Compass in March.

Michael Pasquier's edited volume Gods of the Mississippi was published by Indiana University Press in February 2013.

Michael Pasquier co-wrote “The Lost Graves of the Morganza Floodway” for the journal Places in February 2013.

Gail Sutherland has submitted a bibliographic essay, “Demons and the Demonic in Buddhism,” which she was invited to write for the Oxford Bibliographies Online.