The following requirements are the LSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences Curricular Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. The requirements are for the 2013-2014 Catalog and after. Click on any category to see more information.

A total of 120 hours are required for graduation; of these, a minimum of 30 hours must be in courses numbered 3000 or above.* Consult LSU degree audit for official restrictions on course enrollment.

A "C" average (2.00 GPA) in Psychology and in all work undertaken at the University is required for graduation. In addition, the Psychology Department requires a minimum GPA of 2.50 to declare the major and to enroll in PSYC 2017 and PSYC 4008.

Degree Options Hours Required
English Composition (Engl 1001 & 2000) 6 hours
Literature - from General Education Humanities list (see degree audit) 3 hours
Foreign Language 14-16 hours
Approved History courses from General Education Humanities list (see degree audit) 6 hours
General Education Arts Elective 3 hours

Degree Options Hours Required
One (1) year sequence in Biological or Physical Science with accompanying lab
8 hours
Six (6) additional hours in alternate science
6 hours
Math 1021; Math 1022 or 1431
General Education Analytic Reasoning course
6 hours

Degree Options Hours Required
32 hours (min)
Social Sciences
Six (6) hours from General Education Social Sciences other than Psychology or History
6 hours

Degree Options Hours Required
No more than 12 hours ROTC
12 hours
No more than 8 hours KIN activity courses
8 hours
No more than 24 hours outside of the College of Arts & Sciences
24 hours

Psychology Courses

A student must complete the following 15 hours to graduate with a minor in psychology: Psychology 2000 - three hours; two courses from core areas listed below - six hours; two courses from core areas or additional electives listed below - six hours.

  1. Basics (required of all majors): PSYC 2000 or 2001; 2017; 4008; and PSYC 2016*
  2. Core Areas (students must complete a course from four areas):
    1. Advanced Methods: PSYC 3020 or 4111
    2. Biological Basis: PSYC 4031 or 4034 or 4035 or 4037
    3. Learning and Cognition: PSYC 4030 or 4032 or 4033
    4. Developmental Processes: PSYC 4036 or 4070 or 4072 or 4176
    5. Applied/Social: PSYC 3050 or 3140 or 3083 or 4080
  3. Additional Electives: PSYC 2040, 3030, 3081, 3082, 4039, 4040, 4042
  4. Excluded Electives: PSYC 2004, 2060, 2070, 2076, 2078, 2999, 4999

These courses will not count toward the 32 hours required in the major, but are permissible electives above the 32-hour minimum. Students choosing the honors option will enroll in three to six hours of 4999, in addition to the 32 hours required in the major.

*Starting in the 2014-2015 academic year undergraduates will be required to take PSYC 2016 instead of EXST 2201.

Psychology Minor

The Department of Psychology requires a minimum GPA of 2.50 (LSU and overall) to declare the major. Additionally, some courses have a prerequisite GPA minimum of 2.50.

These courses are indicated in the document below with an asterisk (*).