Eugene B. Johnson

 Eugene Johnson 2

PhD Student
Phone: 225-578-2141
Fax: 225-578-2540
Office: Stubbs 331


  • B.A. in Political Science: Southern University; 2014
  • M.A. in The Social Sciences: Southern University; 2016


Eugene B. Johnson’s primary research interests lie within American Politics, and the way in which political behaviors and group identity are structured by race and religion. Eugene received both his Bachelor’s degree (Political Science) and his Master’s Degree (The Social Sciences) from Southern University – Baton Rouge. Eugene has used both his political experience working with the Louisiana State Senate, an extensive list of non-profit experience, and his social justice activism to foster his development as a political scientist but most importantly as a human.

Areas of Interest

  • Race relations and political behavior in American Politics  
  • Identity Politics
  • The media and political behavior
  • Politics in the Bible Belt
  • Politics and Religion


  • Southern Political Science Association
  • Midwest Political Science Association

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