Dr. David Sobek 

Associate Professor

PhD: Pennsylvania State University

Phone: 225-578-2134

Fax: 225-578-2540


Office: 211 Stubbs Hall

Area of Interest

Dr. Sobek specializes in the field of international relations. In particular, he examines the causes of international conflict and how domestic politics, economics, and historic processes affect it.


Selected Publications


Sobek, David, with Dennis Foster and Alex Braithwaite. 2013. "There Can Be No Compromise: Institutional Inclusiveness, Fractionalization and Domestic Terrorism." British Journal of Political Science. January: 1-17.


Sobek, David, with Dennis Foster and Samuel Robison. 2012. "Conventional Wisdom? The Effect of Nuclear Proliferation on Armed Conflict, 1945-2001." International Studies Quarterly.


Sobek, David. 2010. "Ballots, Bargains, and Bombs: Terrorist Targeting of Spoiler Opportunities," with Alex Briathwaite and Dennis Foster. International Interactions36(3): 294-305.

Sobek, David. 2010. "Masters of their Domains: the Role of State Capacity in Civil Wars." Journal of Peace Research. 47(3): 267-273.

Sobek, David. 2010. "Three's Company: International War, Economic and Political Development," with Cameron Thies. International Studies Quarterly. 54(1): 267-287.

Sobek, David. 2010. "A Tale of Two Types: Rebel Goals and the Onset of Civil Wars," with Caroline Payne. International Studies Quarterly. 54(1): 213-240.

Sobek, David. 2010. "Unspoken Reciprocity: The Effect of Major Shifts in Israeli Policy on International Terrorism," with Alex Braithwaite. In Coping with Terrorism: Origins, Escalations, Counterstrategies, and Responses. Rafael Reuveny and William Thompson, eds. SUNY Press.

Sobek, David. 2008. The Causes of War. Polity Press. Cambridge, UK.


7940 International Relations
7961 Approves to the Study of Politics
7964 Special Topics: Social Science
2057 Introduction to International Relations
4040 Military History
4048 International Conflict and Cooperation