Dr. Dustin E. Howes 

Associate Professor

PhD: North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Phone: 225-578-5348
Fax: 225-578-2540
E-mail: dhowes1@lsu.edu
Office: 133 Stubbs Hall

Curriculum Vitae


Area of Interest

Dr. Dustin Howes teaching and research interests include ancient, modern and contemporary political thought. His current research focuses on the relationship between violence and politics.

Awards & Honors

Board of Regents ATLAS Grant ($43,070.00) "Freedom and Violence." Fall 2011-Summer 2012.

University of North Carolina Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, Spring 2002.  

University of North Carolina Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars, member, Spring 2002.  

University of North Carolina Department of Political Science John Patrick Hagen Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student, Spring 2001.

Selected Publications

Howes, Dustin Ellis. 2013. "The Failure of Pacifism and the Success of Nonviolence." Perspectives on Politics 11(2): 427-446.

Howes, Dustin. 2010. "Conservative Democratic Thought and the War on Terror." Human Rights Review 11:1.

Howes, Dustin. 2009. Toward a Credible Pacifism: Violence and the Possibilities of Politics. SUNY Press.

Howes, Dustin. 2008. "Consider if This Is a Person: Primo Levi, Hannah Arendt and the Political Significance of Auschwitz". Holocaust and Genocide Studies 22 (2), 266-292.


4090 Special Topics: Freedom
2060 Introduction to Political Theory
7991 Special Topics: Democratic Theory