haynieDr. Stacia L. Haynie  

Alumni Professor, Department of Political Science

PhD: University of North Texas


Fax: 225-578-2540

Office: 230 W.C. Stubbs Hall

Curriculum Vitae


Research Area

Dr. Stacia Haynie studies judicial politics with special emphasis on comparative appellate court decision-making. With support from NSF along with C. Neal Tate, Vanderbilt; Reginald Sheehan, Michigan State University; Donald Songer, University of South Carolina, is creating an eleven-country appellate courts data set.

Publications and Presentations

Dumas, Tao L., and Stacia L. Haynie. 2012. "Building an Integrated Model of Trial Court Decision Making: Predicting Plaintiff Success and Awards across Circuits."State Politics & Policy Quarterly12 (2): 103-126.

Kaitlyn L. Sill, Joseph Ura, and Stacia L. Haynie. "Strategic Passing and Opinion Assignment on the Burger Court."Justice System Journal. Forthcoming.

Kaitlyn L. Sill and Stacia L. Haynie. 2010. "Panel Assignment in Appellate Courts: Strategic Behaviour in the South African Supreme Court of Appeal."Politikon: The South African Journal Of Political Science.37:269-286.

Stacie L. Haynie and Tao L. Dumas. 2010. "Doctoral Dissertation Research: The Ecology of Trial Courts and Outcomes in Civil Litigation." National Science Foundation.

(with Kaitlyn L. Sill.) "Experienced Advocates and Litigation Outcomes: Repeat Players in the South African Supreme Court of Appeal." 2007.Political Research Quarterly.60(3):443-453.


2051-American Government
4021-The American Constitution and Civil Liberties
4023-Judicial Politics
7920-Seminar in Public Law