Christopher M. Sullivan

Chris Sullivan

Curriculum Vitae

Research Area

Dr. Christopher Sullivan studies international relations and comparative politics. His research focuses on political order and the microdynamics of statebuilding.

Publications and Presentations

Balcells, Laia, and Christopher M. Sullivan. "New findings from conflict archives." Journal of Peace Research 55.2 (2018): 137-146.
Sullivan, Christopher M., and Zachary P. O’Keeffe. "Evidence that curtailing proactive policing can reduce major crime." Nature human behaviour 1.10 (2017): 730.
Sullivan, Christopher M. "Political repression and the destruction of dissident organizations: Evidence from the archives of the Guatemalan national police." World Politics 68.4 (2016): 645-676.
Sullivan, Christopher M. "Undermining resistance: Mobilization, repression, and the enforcement of political order." Journal of Conflict Resolution 60.7 (2016): 1163-1190.


Anarchy, Violence, and the Rule of Law
Order and Inequality
International Human Rights
Political Violence