Raff Donelson

Raff Donelson

Assistant Professor
Philosophy and Paul M. Hebert Law Center

Ph.D. and J.D.: Northwestern University, 2017

Phone: 225-578-6411
Office: 210 Coates (and 430 Law Center)


Raff Donelson received his JD and his PhD in philosophy both from Northwestern University in 2017, following a MA from the University of Chicago in 2010 and a BA from Williams College in 2009.


Areas of Interest

Dr. Donelson teaches courses in moral, political, and legal philosophy as well as courses in criminal procedure at the Law Center. In philosophy, his research interests include metaethics and the philosophy of law, while his legal doctrinal work focuses on constitutional protections for criminals and those accused of lawbreaking. His scholarship has been featured in Metaphilosophy, Contemporary Pragmatism, the Washington University Jurisprudence Review, the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, and other venues.

Courses Offered:

  • PHIL 2020 Ethics
  • PHIL 3062 Introduction to Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 4946 Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL 4947 Topics in Philosophy of Law


Selected Publications

  • ​"​Ethical Pragmatism​." Metaphilosophy 48/4 (2017)​.​ doi:10.1111/meta.12253
  • ​"​Cruel and Unusual What? Toward a Unified Definition of Punishment​." Washington University Jurisprudence Review 9/1 (2016)


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