Charles Isbell

Associate Professor, Hebrew Language and Jewish Studies

Education: Ph.D. Brandeis University

Books: Sermons From a Southern Rabbi (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2009); Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (Shangri-La, 2002); Teacher's Guide: A Manual for Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (Shangri-La, 2003). God's Scribes: How the Bible Became the Bible (Shangri-La, 1999); The Function of Exodus Motifs in Biblical Narratives: Theological Didactic Drama (Mellen Press, 2002)

Recent Essays: "Why We Read Jonah on Yom Kippur"; "YHWH and the Gods of Egypt" (Journal of the Central Conference of American Rabbis); "The Feminine Touch in the Legend of Moses" (Women in Judaism). He formerly served as editor of H-JUDAIC, the electronic journal for Professors of Judaica

Teaching: Dr. Isbell teaches the four semester sequence in Biblical Hebrew, now fully approved for credit to fulfill the foreign language requirement for graduation (REL 1001, 1002 and REL 2003, 2004). He also offers courses in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (REL 1004), Western Religions (REL 2029), Judaism (REL 3100), and Hebrew Prophets (REL 3104)

Stuart Irvine

Associate Professor, Old Testament and Israelite Religion

Education: Ph.D. Emory University (1989)

Research Interests: Eighth-century Israelite history and prophecy

Books: Isaiah, Ahaz, and the Syro-Ephraimitic Crisis (SBLDS 123; Atlanta:Scholars Press, 1990); J. H. Hayes and S. A. Irvine, Isaiah, the Eighth-Century Prophet: His Times and His Preaching (Nashville: Abingdon, 1987)

Recent Essays: Recent essays include “Relating Prophets and History: An Example from Hosea 13” (JSOT Press, 2006) and "The Rise of the House of Jehu" (JSOT Press, 2001)

Teaching: Dr. Irvine offers courses in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (REL 1004), Hebrew language (HEBR 2004), archaeology and the Bible (REL 3004), Hebrew prophets (REL 3104), and Israelite history (REL 4125)

Joseph Kronick


Director, Jewish Studies Program

Professor, Department of English

Education: Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles (1981).

Research Interests: American literature, modernism, philosophy and literature

Books: American Poetics of History: From Emerson to the Moderns (LSU Press, 1984); Derrida and the Future of Literature (SUNY Press, 1999).

Recent Essays: “Biography as De-Facement: A Response to Eveyln Barish on Paul de Man.” South Atlantic Review, 82.1 (Spring 2017): 105-22; “Levinas and the Plot Against Literature.” Philosophy and Literature, 40.1 (April 2016): 265-71; “The Betrayal of Love: The Golden Bowl and Levinasian Ethics.” The Henry James Review, 37:1 (Winter 2016): 1-19; “The Passages of Jacques Derrida: Between Philosophy and Biography.” [Review Essay] South Atlantic Review, 81:2 (Summer 2016): 210-31.


Mark Wagner

Assistant Professor of Arabic and Section Head

Education: Ph.D., New York University, 2004.

Research and Teaching interests include: Classical Arabic literature, Arabic vernacular literature, Islamic law, Muslim-Jewish relations.

Book: Like Joseph in Beauty: Yemeni Vernacular Poetry and Arab-Jewish Symbiosis (Brill Studies in Middle Eastern Literatures, 2008)

Recent Awards: SIAS Summer Institute fellowship, AIYS research grant, National Foundation for Jewish Culture dissertation fellowship

Sharon Weltman

Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies

Education: BA, Texas-Austin; MAT, Texas-Dallas; MA, MPhil, PhD, Rutgers

Research interests: Victorian literature, Romantic literature, adaptations of Victorian materials, literary theory, feminist theory, gender studies, myth, nineteenth-century theater, Broadway musicals

Books: Performing the Victorian: John Ruskin and Identity in Theater, Science, and Education (Ohio State U Press, 2007); Ruskin's Mythic Queen: Gender Subversion in Victorian Culture (Ohio University Press, 1998)

Recent Essays: “Jane Heir to the Glimmering World: Cynthia Ozick’s Victorian Vision.”  Studies in Jewish American Literature 28 (2009): 3-13; “Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd on Stage and Screen,” Victorian Literature and Culture 37.1 (2009): 301-310;  “Victorians on the Contemporary Stage.” Journal of Victorian Culture 13.2, (October 2008): 303-309; “Re-Interpreting Ruskin.” Nineteenth-Century Prose 35.1 (Spring 2008): 1-12; “Victorians on Broadway at the Present Time: Ruskin’s Life on Stage.” Functions of Victorian Culture at the Present Time, ed. Christine Krueger. Ohio UP, 2002: 79-94