Stéphanie  Gaillard

Assistant Professor
Director of the French Language Program (first and second language sequence)
French Dual Enrollment Coordinator
PhD in French and Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education (SLATE), specializing in language assessment. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Phone: (225) 578-6708

Office: 407 Hodges Hall
Spring 2018 Office Hours: Tuesdays from 9:00 - 11:00 am & by appointment 


Areas of interest:

  • Language testing (precisely designing test specifications, designing rating scales for performance assessment, the structure of validity arguments, test use, political mandates)
  • Teaching French as a foreign/second language & strategies for foreign/second language learning
  • Second Language Curriculum and Material Development
  • Research Methods in SLA



Fall 2018

FREN 1001: Elementary French I

FREN 7962: Linguistics and Pedagogy


Former Classes Taught

FREN 2101: Intermediate French I

FREN 1001: Elementary French I


Honors, Awards, and Recognitions:

2013 Best poster presented at the IRIS (Instruments for Research Into Second language learning) series of invited colloquia, University of York, U.K.

2013 Knudson and McPherson Fellowship

2013 British Council Assessment Research Award


Scholarly presentation (most recent):

Gaillard, S., & Dorado, D. “Self-assessment in the foreign language classroom: how to engage students in the target language.” March 9th, 2018, Académie des Sciences d’Outre-Mer, Louisiana State University, Louisiana.

Gaillard, S., Van Maele, J., Davidson, F. & Baten, L. “Co-creating test specifications: a fast track to enhancing language assessment literacy?” September 16-17th, 2016, Language Assessment Literacy Symposium, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom.


Selected Publication:

Gaillard, S., & Tremblay, A. (2016). Oral proficiency assessment in second language acquisition research: The Elicited Imitation Task. Language Learning, 66, 419-447.

Tremblay, A., Coughlin, C. E., Bahler, C., & Gaillard, S. (2012). “Differential contribution of prosodic cues in the native and non - native segmentation of French speech.” Laboratory Phonology, 3, 385 – 423.