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At Dragon Con, ECE Professor Talks Hurdles Women Face in Science and Tech Careers

Amidst the comic books, cosplayers and convention goers at the recent Dragon Con event in Atlanta was LSU Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Theda Daniels-Race. She wasn't one of the estimated 80,000 attendees dressed as their favorite larger-than-life character or a celebrity there to plug his or her latest project. Instead, Daniels-Race was there as part of the Women in Science & Tech Careers (WSTC) panel to talk about the issues women face in science and technology careers and what they can do about them.

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CIAC Board of Directors Commences New Year

The LSU Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) recently convened for the first meeting of its Board of Directors. The board bid farewell to two long-serving members, Kathy Trahan of Alliance Safety Council and Ken Naquin of the Louisiana AGC, and welcomed new member of the board, Michael Demouy of Louisiana AGC.

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E2 Plus Gulf Coast: Program Exposes Students to Real-World Engineering

LSU Engineering Instructor Paige Davis took 32 incoming LSU Engineering students to tour various companies along the Gulf Coast.

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LSU Department of Geology and Geophysics Receives Software Donation

The LSU College of Science Geology and Geophysics department has received a $2 million MOVE Suite software donation from Petroleum Experts Ltd.

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LSU Center for Energy Studies Part of Recent NSF Financial Award to Study Gulf Coast Manufacturing Resiliency

The LSU Center for Energy Study is part of a team led by Texas A&M University that was recently awarded a National Science Foundation planning grant to establish an Engineering Research Center for Resiliency Enhancement and Disaster-Impact Interception in the manufacturing sector.

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LSU Coast & Environment Researchers Examine Resource Scarcity and Poverty Traps in Coastal Tanzania

LSU coastal ecologists are working to identify how small, coastal villages in the East African nation of Tanzania get caught in poverty traps, or mechanisms that cause poverty to persist in low-income communities.

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Gupta Awarded Research Fellowship by NASEM

LSU Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering Ipsita Gupta is one of 20 faculty across the country to receive the 2018 Early-Career Research Fellowship from the Gulf Research Program of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

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