Mark S. Wagner | LSU Foreign Languages and Literatures

Mark  S  Wagner 

Associate Professor

Ph.D. New York University, 2004 

Phone: 225-578-0408


Office: 302 Hodges Hall


Area of Interest

Classical Arabic literature, Arabic vernacular literature, Islamic law, Muslim-Jewish relations.

Recent Teaching

Arabic 2001, Arabic Culture

Arabic 3101, Advanced Arabic I

Arabic 3102, Advanced Arabic II 


Awards & Honors

SIAS Summer Institute fellowship, AIYS research grant, National Foundation for Jewish Culture dissertation fellowship.

Selected Publications

Jews and Islamic law in Early 20th Century Yemen (Indiana University Press, forthcoming in 2014)

Like Joseph in Beauty: Yemeni Vernacular Poetry and Arab-Jewish Symbiosis (Leiden/Boston: Brill Studies in Middle Eastern Literatures, 2009)

“Halakhah Through the Lens of Shari‘ah: The Case of the Kuhlani Synagogue in San‘a’, 1933-1944,” in Michael Laskier and Yaacov Lev, eds., The Convergence of Judaism and Islam: Religious, Scientific and Cultural Dimensions, University Press of Florida (2011), pp. 126-146.

“Islam and Judaism,” in Roger Allen and Shawkat M. Toorawa, eds., Islam: A Short Guide to the Faith, William B. Eerdmans (2011) pp. 116-126.

“Infidels, Lovers and Magicians: Portrayals of Jews in Yemeni Arabic Poetry, 17th-19th c.,”
in Dani Bar Ma‘oz and Ayelet Ettinger, eds., Mittuv Yosef: Yosef Tobi Jubilee Volume, Haifa University Press (2011), 2:xlvi-lix.

“Jewish Mysticism on Trial in a Muslim Court: A Fatwa on The Zohar—Yemen 1914,” Die Welt des Islams, 47.2 (2007): 207-231.

“The Flying Camel and the Red Heifer: Yemenite Poets in Modern Israel,” Tema: Journal of Judaeo-Yemenite Studies 10 (2007): 233-256.

“Arabic Influence on Šabazian Poetry in Yemen,” Journal of Semitic Studies, 51.1 (2006): 117-136.

“The Debate Between Coffee and Qat in Yemeni Literature,” Middle Eastern Literatures, 8.2 (2005) 121-151.

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