Rafael Orozco | LSU Foreign Languages and Literatures

Rafael  Orozco 

Associate Professor of Spanish and Interim Chair

B.S.Ed. Universidad del Atlántico, 1988

M.A. New York University, 1996, New York University, TESL West Chester University, 1991 

Ph.D. New York University, 2004

Phone: 225-578-5179

E-mail: rorozc1@lsu.edu

Office: 315 Hodges Hall




Area of Interest

Sociolinguistics, Colombian Spanish, Spanish in the United States, Caribbean Spanish, language contact, & multilingualism

Selected Publications

Orozco, Rafael, 2018. Spanish in Colombia and New York City: Language Contact Meets Dialectal Convergence. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

File Muriel, Richard & Orozco, Rafael (eds.). 2012. Colombian Varieties of Spanish. Madrid: Iberoamericana Vervuet.
Cortazar, Alejandro & Orozco, Rafael (eds.). 2011. Lenguaje, arte y revoluciones ayer y hoy: New approaches to Hispanic Linguistic, Literary, and Cultural Studies. Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Orozco, Rafael. Forthcoming. “Castilian in New York City: What can we learn from the future?" New Perspectives on Hispanic contact linguistics in the Ameriacas, ed. by Sandro Sessarego & Melvin González-Rivera.
Orozco, R. & Richard File-Muriel. 2012. “Colombian Spanish at the turn of the 21st Century.” Colombian Varieties of Spanish, ed. by Richard File-Muriel & Rafael Orozco, 11-20.
Orozco, R. 2012. “The Expression of Nominal Possession in the Spanish of Colombians in New York City.” Colombian Varieties of Spanish, ed. by Richard File-Muriel & Rafael Orozco, 205-234.
Orozco, Rafael. 2010. “Variation in the expression of nominal possession in Costeño Spanish.” Spanish in Context, 7:2, 194-220.
Orozco, R. 2009b. “La influencia de factores sociales en la expresión del posesivo.”  Lingüística, Vol. 22, pp. 25-60.
Orozco, R.  2009a. “El castellano del Caribe colombiano a comienzos del siglo XXI.”  Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana (RILI), Vol. 7, 2, pp. 95-113.
Orozco, R. & Gregory Guy. 2008. “El uso variable de los pronombres sujetos: ¿Qué pasa en la costa Caribe colombiana?”  Selected Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics, ed. by M. Westmoreland & J. Thomas, 70-80.  Somerville, MA: Cascadilla.
Orozco, R.  2007b. “Social Constraints on the Expression of Futurity in Spanish-Speaking Urban Communities.”  Selected Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics, ed. by J. Holmquist, A. Lorenzino & L. Sayahi, 103-112. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla.
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