Emily Batinski

Emily  Batinski 
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Colorado, 1983 
Phone: 225-578-5171
E-mail: slbati@lsu.edu
Office: 320 Hodges Hall


Area of Interest

Latin elegy and epic; Seneca’s prose works

Recent Teaching
Roman Satire, Roman Elegy, Survey of Latin Literature

Selected Publications

“Horace’s Rehabilitation of Bacchus,” “Cato and the Battle with the Serpants,” “Lucan’s Catalogue of Caesar’s Troops: Paradox and Convention,” “Seneca’s Response to Stoic Hermeneutics,” “Word-Patterning in the Latin Hendecasyllable,” “In Cynthiam/ProCynthia (Propertius.32)”.

Notable Activities
Member of the University Admissions, Standards, and Honors Committee