Classical Civilization Program Resources

Classical Civilization Program Resources

Greek Help

Latin Help


The Perseus Project – an online encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome
L’Annee Philologique – search the most recent editions (1996+)

Linguae Latina et Graeca

KET Distance Learning: Latin I (keyed to Ecce Romani: useful vocabulary aides)
Take advantage of Robert W. Cape’s very useful Internet Workbook for the Oxford Latin Course (Lots of useful stuff for students of Ecce)
Check out Dale Grote’s Study Guide to Wheelock’s Latin (Lots of useful stuff for students of Ecce)
Find Great Internet Resources for Latin (keyed to Wheelock) at Bruce Magee’s Latin page
Allen and Greenough’s on-line Latin Grammar
The On-Line Latin Library
Database of Latin Inscriptions: ILS, CIL, AE
On-Line Greek Grammar

Recommended Links

Bulfinch’s Mythology
Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
Resources, Images and Text for Classical Mythology
ORB: The On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies
PBS: The Roman Empire in the First Century


The British Museum
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
including: The Ancient Greek World
The Vatican

Trivia—The Crossroads

The Amazing World of Ancient Civilization – Egypt, Greece and Rome
 Ancient/Classical History with N.S. Gill
The Ancient World Web
On-Line Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics


Ancient Joke Page
Franks and Ernest (Animal Grammar!)
Mutts (yesh!)


LSU Olinde Career Center