Placement Guidelines 

Initial English placement is determined by:

    1. the ACT English score AND the ACT Composite score


    2. the SAT Critical Reading score


    3. the AP score


    4. the CLEP score.

Students awarded placement in English 2000 will receive credit for English 1001. If students' combined ACT English and Composite scores total 65 or more, or if their SAT Verbal score is 720 or higher, or if they have an AP score of 5, then they will be granted exemption from the university writing requirement, and they will be awarded credit for both English 1001 and English 2000. 


Initial English Placement Based on ACT English and Composite Scores

English Course Placement ACT English Score   ACT English + Composite Scores
Placement in ENGL1001 18 or above AND 38 minimum
Placement in ENGL2000 26 or above AND 53 minimum
EXEMPT from both 1001 & 2000 32 or above AND 65 minimum


Initial English Placement Based on SAT Critical Reading Scores

English Course Placement SAT English Score
Placement in ENGL1001 450-589
Placement in ENGL2000 590-719
EXEMPT from both 1001 & 2000 720 or higher


Initial Placement and/or Course Credit Based on AP Score 

English Course Placement and/or Credit AP Score
Credit for ENGL1001 and Placement in ENGL2000 3
Credit for ENGL1001 AND either 2123, 2025, 2027, or 2029 AND Placement in ENGL2000 4
Credit for ENGL1001 AND either 2123, 2025, 2027, or 2029 AND ENGL2000 5


Students who receive a CLEP score of 50 or above may receive credit for ENGL1001.

Students who place out of ENGL1001 may take an English Literature elective, but they may not take ENGL2000 until they have earned 39 hours, usually the second semester of their sophomore year. The proper sequence is ENGL1001, then General Education 2000-level ENGL Literature elective (if needed), then ENGL2000.