Dustin Zemel

Dustin  R  Zemel 

PhD Student

Bachelor's Degree(s): Washington University in St. Louis, 2002 (BA Film and Media Studies; BS Biology)
Master's Degree: Montana State University, 2008 (MFA Science and Natural History Filmmaking)
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E-mail: dzemel1@lsu.edu




Dustin Zemel (Chicago, 1980) is a video artist exploring media literacy and novel approaches to nonfiction storytelling. In 2008 he received his MFA in science and natural history filmmaking at Montana State University, and moved to Portland, OR where he became immersed in a new found passion for experimental film. He is the founder and former director of Grand Detour, a microcinema, curatorial group, and educational hub for experimental filmmakers and new media artists. In 2011 he was the recipient of Portland’s Regional Arts and Culture Council’s prestigious  “Innovation Prize” for his work on SCOOP 6PM, a seven channel interactive video installation. Currently he is pursuing a PhD at LSU as an EDA scholar studying experimental film and documentary. 

Area of Interest

Film and Media Arts, Documentary Film, Experimental Film, New Media, Digital Humanities

Awards & Honors

              2012    Economic Development Assistantship, Louisiana State University (four year funding award)

              2012    Visiting Documentary Filmmaker, Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA (Jan. - April)

              2011    Shred of Lights Residency, Worksound, Portland, OR (Sept. - Dec.)

              2011    RACC Innovation Prize for SCOOP 6pm

              2011    RACC Project Grant for SCOOP 6pm

              2010    PLACE Gallery, One month residency to develop Multiscreen piece

              2009    Experimental Television Center, two week Residency, Owego, NY

              2009    Northwest Documentary, Artist In Residence, Portland, OR